Tuesday, November 11, 2008

FO-Norwegian star hats

For the fab 5, matching Norwegian star earflap hats.
The hope was to get a picture of the kids in their matching hats.
We'll see :)
4 out of 5 are finished...I still need to do Isabelle's. I need to make it smaller than the other child sized ones, so I need to monkey around  with the star pattern.
Girls are in lime green, boys are red.

Thank you to my models, watermelon & old soccer ball. They were just the right size for stretching and blocking the wet hats!
Maybe I can get my kids to model theirs for me.


sue said...

I had to have a giggle when I saw you used the watermelons for the boys hat. Love them both, very cute colors too.

knitting elephant said...

Nice work on the hats, and I love the 'blocker'!

Sharyn said...

How much? I'd like to order one in blue - Brian is currently wearing his sisters hat. heh.