Sunday, November 9, 2008

the almost birthday boy

He gets to do something cool today-go to a Lions' game with his Papa Dave. Okay, so technically the Lions aren't cool in the least, but pro football games are, and he's never been. And maybe if he's lucky, the Lions will lose and he'll get to witness history-the worst season in the making! Win win!

Ev had his first indoor soccer game last night and the kid was on fire, I kid you not! He played goalie for the first half plus some (Indoor boardless they play 55 minutes straight. No halftime, no stopping the clock) The moms were saying that we should get him a box of kitty litter (!) because he has cat like reflexes :) He was totally awesome and not at all rusty for not having played in weeks. Good stuff.
Tonight we are having cake & ice cream with the family, so I need to get to the store!
Happy Sunday!


knitting elephant said...

What an awesome birthday time! I'm sure he'll have a great time, win or lose. Congrats on such a soccer pro, too! Happy Birthday, Evan!

SAR girls said...

Happy Birthday, Evan!! Hope you had a great day!