Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween! v.09

Happy Halloween to everyone out there! I hope you have a fun and safe night filled with all the best candy (Butterfingers and Snickers, of course).

It's been another busy week. After my meltdown on Monday, Emma took pity of me and okayed a witches costume from Target. So YEAH for no sewing this week! Evan took forever to decide what to dress as. Next year we are definitely going to be prepared early October.

Some of the practices that were scheduled went accordingly, and some were passed over.

I wasn't feeling well all week, but not really sick either, which is totally annoying. I had a low grade fever and exhaustion, and of course a headache too. I'm glad it didn't develop into anything, but am annoyed at losing a few more days to ick.

I booked Evan's friend birthday party for November to just cross my fingers and pray that the weather holds out for the activities he wants to do. Invitations went out this morning. Love to check items off the list. Only 92 other things to do!

We are trick-or-treating in my SIL's neighborhood tonight. They set up a fire pit and hang out, so we decided to drive out there. I have no pix of the kids in their costumes yet. Can't wait to dress 'em up :)
Have a great weekend!


SAR girls said...

You sound so much better with this post, my friend! :) I was down for the count this week too-aches like Ive never had them-there were naps involved so you know I wasnt good. Maybe coffee next week?

Jen on the Edge said...

Yep, you definitely sound better. I'm glad you knocked some things off your list.

Happy Halloween!