Thursday, October 1, 2009

hello, October

Ok, summer flew by...but September had to have set some sort of land speed record. Gah!
Lately I have been feeling like time is just going by so fast. And some days, I want nothing more than time to fly by. But others, not so much. It makes me sad to think that very soon both my kids will be grown and leaving the house. I know it's silly to think so far into the future, but 7 years isn't that long. I start to go down that road and it's not a good place for me to go right now. Maybe it's fall, and the start of a new school year that makes me so melancholly. I need to snap out of it!
Not much has changed around here-busy with school, soccer, football, knitting, and house stuff. The temps have plummeted and I need to think about pulling all the basil and finally ripening tomatoes into the house. Tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day!

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Jen on the Edge said...

I'm so happy that fall is here!

I've taken out all but four of my tomato plants and have a platter of green tomatoes ripening on the counter.

I also cut all the basil this week and made cups and cups of basil paste.

I've also made applesauce, although 15 pounds translated to only 3 quarts.

I now have six pumpkins that need to be turned into pumpkin paste.

I can't wait to get my new wrist warmers you knitted!