Sunday, October 25, 2009


Yesterday was the last regular season game for the Stallions- their Homecoming game against rival Northville team the Colts. Of course, it was raining and miserable. They started the day off with a parade thru downtown in decorated cars. After the parade, I worked in the concession stand until game time. It was more fun than I thought it would be, and because the weather was so crummy, not busy at all. They were expecting a huge after parade rush. I think everyone went home to warm up. Not a bad volunteer job.
Unfortunately for the Stallions, things were just not going their way. The field was very muddy and slippery, therefore the ball was hard to hold on to. They never completed a pass the entire game. No runs over 6 yards. And lots of penalties. They seem to hurt themselves more than the opposing team. They were shut out, 27-0. Bummer.
The good news was, Evan played almost the entire game! Apparently he was fired up at practice on Thursday, and the coaches' took notice. He played offense, defense, safety. He played with the OC and the BO. He was all over the field. He made 2 or 3 excellent tackles.
first man on the line, ready to play
here he is taking a hit from one of their really good players. Ev had a hold of his jersery and the kid spun, taking Ev down and pounding him in the ribs in the process. He is sore today!
I should have made him turn around...the backside is far dirtier! The mud had soaked thru his pants, girdle, & pads to his underwear. I soaked everything in Oxy for several hours and it all came out, surprisingly. You could tell which kids played the most by the dirt level, and Evan was one of the dirtiest.
I also had the pleasure to be a 'booth spotter' during the second half of the game. Basically, you and a partner call out the numbers of kids in on a play for the announcer. Not as easy as you would think, because they are facing sideways usually. And when they all pile on someone, trying to figure out who made the play is practically impossible. But it was dry and warm, and an interesting perspective on the game.
Word is that they might have a playoff game (how it's possible is anyone's guess), so another week of practice for us. Ugh. I was hoping to get that time back.
Happy Sunday!

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Jen on the Edge said...

He looks very happy and proud!