Monday, October 19, 2009

what have I gotten myself into?

I am such a glutton for punishment.
Had some one on one time alone with Emma today, and we decided to go check out Halloween costumes. Neither kid has any idea of what they want to be. Totally foreign to me...I always knew by August what I was going to be and my costume would have been perfected by now. My kids have no imagination.
So anyway, we went to Halloween USA, or whatever it's called. I knew it was going to be a waste of time-last year yielded nothing but sexy and inappropriate-for-12-year-old-costumes. And Em is drawn to them like a crow to a shiny object. I have been coming up with ideas for the last few days, but she thinks everything is lame. NO Halloween spirit whatsoever. Pbbth!
After walking the aisles, she found a (sexy) detective outfit that she felt was passable. I let her try it on, and informed her she would be wearing tights with the short skirt. While I was packing it back into the bag, I glanced at the price tag... $40. forty. dollars. No frickin' way.

Needless to say, she wasn't happy with me.

We dragged ourselves to JoAnn's to look at patterns. All of which she declared lame. She looked at some fabric, and was finding some she liked, and then found a pattern that could work with the fabric. We found some awesome trim. It's going to be close...the pattern only goes up to size 14, so I may have to punt and add some inches in...

So now I have to sew a flippin' costume.

when will I ever learn?


Jan C. said...

I hear you, and good luck! My oldest daughter is a senior now, and seniors have the special privilege of getting to wear costumes to school on the last school day before Halloween. They even have a contest for best costume. So Allie and her friends have concocted a scheme wherein she and 22 of her cohorts from marching band are dressing up as different characters from Super Smash Brothers. She's going to be Link. So I'm going all over town looking for a way to get her into a green tunic, brown boots, elf ears, a hat, and she needs a sword and shield, a boomerang (we have one, if you can believe that!), and an ocarina. Yeah. If it weren't the big senior dress up day, I'd be telling her all about budget limits and such. But for once in 12 years I am going to work with her on it. I just hope I don't have to sew, but the elf hat may need to be handmade. Sigh--wish I could knit more than a basic scarf.

Jen on the Edge said...

What a drag for you.

My older girl is recycling last year's costume and making a few minor tweaks, so I don't have to do anything except take her to the store for supplies.

Younger girl has needed a little more help, but luckily her costume is actually pretty simple.