Monday, October 26, 2009

moving at the speed of sludge

That would be me, in a nutshell.
I am feeling so out of control and don't know what to do first. To say that I am overwhelmed at the moment would be way understating my state of mind. I feel trapped in the headlights, and the truck is bearing down fast.


I just want to crawl under the covers and not emerge until January. Like the Groundhog, only in reverse. I need 6 weeks of no activity before I can proceed with life.

I just found out today that our last football game was not our last football game at all. Lets add a playoff game in there! Yes,that makes sense because the team did so well in the regular season. And let's play the team that just creamed us 27-0 again. That sounds like fun! And for shits & giggles, let's hold the game in a location over an hour away, so that it takes up as much of a Sunday as possible! And since we are playing another game, you must of course attend practice for another full week.
And you, parent of a U13 girl in our soccer program: I understand your last game was yesterday (congrats on the win!), but we really think you need to practice this week as well. While you are at it, parent of a U10 boy: you can practice too. Let's be fair all around.
To all manufactures of girls' Halloween costumes:
I thank you for adding one more thing for me to deal with this week. If I wanted my daughter to solicit candy dressed as a prostitute, I would flat out dress her as a hooker. For less money.
And now my thoughts turn to November and the bevy of things that occur during said month. Not one of which we are in any way, shape, or form prepared for. Evan's 10th birthday? Not a clue what's going on. It's in 15 days. And even if we did have a clue, we have no free weekends to do a party or anything! We have a family party, a friend party, a room redo, Sandy Treiber's 70th birthday, a football banquet, my mom's birthday, my step-mom's birthday, Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving in Canada, and probably 174 other things that I didn't mention but are expected to be taken care of.
That's it. I am definitely taking up drinking in the afternoons.
My last rant, promise.
I started a sweater, for me. Pretty yarn, knitting long distance with a buddy for moral support, couldn't wait to work on it. A 'no stress' project. HA!
I have put in about 3 hours so far, and it's all wrong. I have to frog and start from scratch. But it's not because I can't follow directions, it's because the directions are for crap!
My no stress project is adding stress to my life. And I want to cry.
the end.


Heather said...

Basketball season is starting next! Yay!

As for your knitting, it will forever be called the Sue's Hoodie of Doom.

Jen on the Edge said...

Your Novembers are like our Septembers. Having just come out of that a few weeks ago, I promise that you'll get through this. Just take a deep breath and hang on tight.

Jan C. said...

I can identify. If marching band doesn't end soon and allow my kids to keep up with their homework, I am going to lose it! Our anniversary is Thursday, and we are spending the evening taking Danny to get an H1Ni vaccination at school. We are having a "planned power outage" on Weds., anytime between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. Or maybe the whole time, so that we can lose all of our stored food and have to chuck it all. And what's the power outage for? So they can come into our yard and cut down all the trees at the back of our property line.

If I had all of those birthdays and banquets to get to in November, I'd revolt for sure! How are you staying sane--seriously?!!!