Sunday, November 1, 2009

scary? nah!

Just a few pix of our trick-or-treaters. Em was a (non-slutty)witch, and Evan was an amigo. He kept telling people he was a Spanish dude. It's all about the moustache.
We had a great time treating over at Greg & Tracey's house in Allen Park. In their neighborhood, they pull out their lawn furniture and fire pits. It's very festive. A few blocks over were having a block party, which is an awesome idea! We only pandered for candy for an hour, because the divalicious Emma wore high heels and her feet were killing her. Lesson learned. Regardless, they got tons of treats.

3 out of 5 houses wanted Evan's hat. Coolest amigo in town.
At least his hat stayed on in the brisk wind...Emma was chasing hers most of the night!
buenos noches!

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Jen on the Edge said...

Those costumes are EXCELLENT!