Tuesday, November 17, 2009

getting older sucks

This pretty much goes without saying, but aging ain't for sissies!
Getting older just sort of creeps up on you in the middle of the night. One day you are a carefree 18 year old, wondering who you should hang out with on Friday night. The next day you are 41, hobbling around your house in pain and pondering your youth.
I have no idea what I have done to my tailbone, but I did something. You would think whatever I did would be big enough for me to notice, or to remember injuring it. You would be wrong. I just woke up yesterday with an incredible amount of pain in my ass. Today is not much better. In fact, the surrounding muscles are rebelling and spasming in protest. Everything is off. It hurts to walk, to stand, to sit.
This tops off a week that saw one of my heaviest and ickiest periods. I am so ready to go into the doctor and just beg for it all to be removed. I don't need it. I think 30 years of suffering is enough.
And AND you would not believe the white hair I found on my head the other morning. It was the thickness of sock yarn, 7 inches long and wiry beyond belief. Why did I not notice it before it was so long? Gah!!!
I know I'm a barrel of laughs. But aging stinks!


Jan C. said...

Girl, 41 is like the prime hotness of life for a woman. That's soooo the age when you still have something to show off AND you know how to use it.

Sorry your ass hurts, and all the rest. Yeah, some parts of getting older require a little adjusting to. I wonder if yoga would help you stay loose? Maybe when your back is better you should look into taking a yoga class, or even just try getting into a squat for short periods several times a day. That has really improved my situation with my lower back a lot, because it keeps the fascia in the lower spine and hip area nice and flexible. Also, according to my yoga teacher, being tight in that area can affect you all the way up your back and even add to the tendency to get headaches!

sue said...

Yes ageing does suck doesnt it. The thing I find is the hair, it pops up everywhere you dont want it and then turning gray is the pits. I just dyed my hair the other day because it was so gray at the sides someone must have thought it was a new look for me. Now just to lose my extra 15 kilos and I will feel much better. I hope your tailbone feels better, you didnt sit down on something too hard did you.

SAR girls said...

You're not old, my friend, you are well-seasoned! ;)