Wednesday, November 18, 2009


last years Christmas card photo

Last night I learned that Emma has learned the truth about Santa.
Part of me is relieved, a whole "phew! That's over. Thank goodness" sort of feeling. But a bigger part me of is just sad. One more little piece of childhood innocence snatched away. This is the same part that hopes she doesn't share her newfound information with her brother, who still believes in the man in red, even though my life would be easier.
And do you know how she found out? From a friend at school, whose mother told her because she didn't want her daughter to be ridiculed for believing in Santa in middle school. I'm all for letting them believe in the magic of Christmas as long as possible. It's not easy being a kid in 2009; I want mine to be kids as long as they can.
I found out about Santa well before I was 12, but I found out the old fashioned way-I snuck out and spied my parents. And of course I had to share my shock with my only brother, who was robbed of many good Santa years as a result. He still brings it up every year.
So the moral of the story is to let your kids be kids for as long as they can be, and don't steal anyone elses' Christmas magic. I still believe.

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Jen on the Edge said...

I feel sorry for that other girl, because her mother clearly stinks at the job.

Here, Grace has known for three years, but we have no idea about Ellie. Either 1) she knows and isn't admitting it because she thinks that Santa will stop bringing gifts or 2) she suspects but doesn't want to give up the magic.

Grace, on the other hand, is fully a part of the magic. Sometime next month, I'll take her to the store, give her some money, and she'll shop for stocking stuffers to sneak into our stockings on Christmas Eve. Once Ellie knows/admits she knows, she'll get to join in the fun.