Tuesday, October 7, 2008

it's a black eye!

it's a black eye!, originally uploaded by dogglips2.

well the results are in, and it looks like Emma has the makings of a black eye. Or half of a black eye, seeing as it only goes around the one side.

When she came home from school yesterday, I wanted to get a good close look, and there it was. Immediately she ran to a mirror and gasped "I do have a black eye...I'm ugly now!" to which I responded, "Oh honey, a bruise doesn't make you ugly. It's when you open your mouth and start crabbing at me that makes you ugly".
Somehow, that didn't go over real well.

I am actually watering my garden right now, because everything is so dang dry. I want to get it good and soaked before we put away the hoses for the winter. And for some reason, I have a plethora of birds in my garden. Literally, a plethora. Every time I open the door about 3 dozen birds come flying out. They are enjoying the watering as well. Maybe Ashley could come over for target practice?

Good Tuesday to you!


Brooke S. Rochon said...

Just tell Emma that now she's got some 'street cred.'

ashley said...

Poor Emma!

...and I only shoot clay birds. I'm still a total hippie and would probably cry if I shot a real bird.

knitting elephant said...

Can you please please please teach me the great snappy retorts you have for your kids? I never have anything great to say back to mine! :-) Poor Emma... it doesn't look too bad, though.

Julie L said...

LOL... love your reply to poor emma..

SAR girls said...

Only lovely Emma could make a black eye look that good! :)