Saturday, October 18, 2008

bacon and sausage and french toast, oh my!

My entire house smells like a Bob Evans.
I'm prepping a bunch of the food for tomorrow so I don't have to get up at 6:00 to cook. I'm no dummy. The only thing I want to cook tomorrow are eggs and cinnamon rolls. Oh yeah. MY kind of breakfast. And mimosas. Many mimosas.
And because I overestimated the dialating progress, Emily now knows what I sent her for her baby. Duh! Well I have another one for you-Dad's Dumbledore sock. I know I'm safe because A)  Dad never reads my blog and B) he's in Greece. Or Turkey. Or Egypt. Loser.
It's a basic 2x2 rib toe up sock, made with Opal's new Harry Potter yarn. Although I probably wouldn't have picked these colors for my Dad, he will get a kick out the fact that the yarn is the 'Dumbledore' colorway. Actually, he will like these colors. He's like that.
I had a hell of a time with the short row heel, totally stupid considering that I took Cookie A's toe up sock class less than a month ago. Apparently I forgot everything I learned. It's not the prettiest heel and I lost some stitches along the way, but when you have the sock on you can't tell. It will be our little secret, k?
Time to flip the bacon. Again.


Emily said...

I LOVE mimosas!

SAR girls said...

The sock looks great-Dumbledore (the real one) :) would be proud and your Dad will love it!

Happy Birthday Bart! Enjoy your brunch!

Kelley said...

ok this has to be the most confusing post you've ever blogged-I think it's Barts B-day Happy 43 and I think you screwed up a sock for Emily's baby am I close?

Julie L said...

I'm with Kelley.... but, I admit- it doesn't take much.