Friday, October 17, 2008

FO-Elephante & super simple baby hat

I'm taking a chance here that a certain someone who is expecting her first child is too busy dialating to check out my blog today. I made her a few goodies that I put into the post today.
This is elephante! He is cute. and purple. If I ever make one of these again I will use an even smaller needle size because I don't like how visible the stitches on his trunk are.
I do like how cute his ears turned out...the patetrn called for crocheted ears and I don't know how to crochet. The whole guy was finished when I got to that part, and my first thought was "Great. You've got to be kidding". But I used my fantastic knitting knowledge (read:I got lucky) and came up with a solution. Viola!
His little tushie is very cute. I had to add a button to his tail. Very Eeyore.
And my first baby beanie! Seriously. Incredibly fast to knit and cute as can be. I will make more of these for sure.
Bart's birthday is on Monday so we are having a brunch for the families on Sunday instead of a dinner. (That sounded very 'Sopranos'. We aren't Italian.) At first I didn't relish the idea, but It grew on me. I'm running out of things to feed people that are different every time, so brunch works. I'm going to cook up a lot of it tomorrow after soccer and reheat in on Sunday morn.
It should be a chilly soccer weekend. Gonna have to pull out my Uggs!
Have a good one!


sue said...

The elephant is so cute and I love the baby beanie. Those beanies make very good presents.

Emily said...

Ack! That's me!! Sue, they are SOOOO cute!! I love them! That is so sweet of you!

SAR girls said...

Emily is a stinker! :)

That little button on his tail is too cute! His eyes turned out great!

Do the beanies come in big people's sizes? ;)

knitting elephant said...

I love the elephant! The hat's cute, too. Happy birthday Bart!

Kelley said...

Uggs-hmmm mine have been on my tooties for time now. Love the comfort of my crochet Uggs. Let's get together soon!