Saturday, October 11, 2008

I love fall

Fall is the best time of the year. When else can you buy groovy, bumpy pumpkins?
The Northville farmer's market is the best place to hang out every Thursday. Ugly pumpkin- only 5 bucks! Score! I also bought some awesome curly willow
It's in my foyer right now, but I will probably move it. I want to string twinkle lights in it. It's my favorite find of the season so far. I also really love a new vendor that was there for the first time selling felted & needlepunched art. (one of those crafts that I've always loved but never done). She had some beautiful things, but I settled for this tiny Santa for our tree. Adorable!
The weekend is beyond gorgeous. I'd really love to go out and take some pictures of the kids but they have been lazy couch potatoes since Emma's game this morning. Maybe I can bribe them tomorrow for an hour. Ha! Who am I kidding. They'd never last an hour :)
Bart & I have been cleaning out the garage all day...which is in my top 5 things I hate to do. We needed to get the Mustang put away for the season & hang up bikes. It's one of those stupid chores that takes forever and doesn't look like you actually did anything. But it's done.
Have a great weekend!

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knitting elephant said...

Love that santa!! The pumpkin thing kinda creeps me out, but what the heck. :-) Congrats on getting some things done today!