Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hi, and how can it already be Wednesday?

I know the older you get the faster time goes by but HOLY CRAP some weeks just seem to fly by, y'know? In two days it's Halloween and three days it's NOVEMBER and don't even get me started.
I have been suffering from migraines this week, so I haven't been productive. No knitting to speak of, no scrapping, no holiday decorating. I haven't even really watched my favorite shows, which is sad and wrong. I was getting such a whopper the other night that I had the foresight to set the VCR to record 'Dancing with the stars', but recorded the wrong channel. People with headaches should not set VCR's. Just sayin'...
Emma got her trumpet back yesterday after 10 days in the shop. She has been playing non-stop since school let out today. Please say a prayer for me.
She had her last soccer game last night, and that was a treat! It was way out in BFE Milford. It was bitterly cold. And snowing in that pellety- sort of way. They lost 1-0. It was a joy all around, and the wind did wonders for my sinuses.
Today I got all crazy and got my hair did. A haircut and highlights! Shut up! No one was more surprised than my stylist, who assumed the receptionist made a mistake putting my name down with the service list. HA! I fooled her. It looks really good actually. I got about 4 inches cut off, and there will definitely be no ponytails for the near future. Not that I'm going to flat iron my hair or anything, I'm just tired of relying on the ponytail as a look. Now if only I could lose about 50 punds, I'm sure my new haircut would make me look way hot.
Ah, there's always something!


Benita said...

So where's the pic of the new do???

Brooke S. Rochon said...

I agree, we need a photo share of the hair!!

SAR girls said...

Yes, we definately need photos of the sexy new do! :) Sorry to hear about your headaches. Maybe Emma's trumpet playing will scare them away. ;) (no offense, Em!)