Sunday, October 26, 2008

Do you know what's better than gutting a pumpkin?

guts!, originally uploaded by dogglips2.

getting your kid to do it for you!
I didn't even ask and Emma was elbow deep in the goo. I'm sure I'll have to go in and scrape it a bit more, but most of the messy work is done!
All I had to do was bake the pumpkin seeds, sit back, and enjoy.
(that is, after telling her numerous times to clean up the guts, to wash the cookie sheet she dumped them on, to put away the tools, etc...)
I can't believe Halloween is next week already. Every year I am floored by the fact that it's NOVEMBER the next day, and Evan's birthday is in 9 days and I'm not prepared. This year is no different. We have a few gifts, but nothing major. NO 'wow' gift. We also have all three grandmothers' birthdays. Good times.


Brooke S. Rochon said...

We did the same thing today. I didn't but Matt and Stella did. Good gooey fun!

knitting elephant said...

yum! I love pumpkin seeds, but they have to be super salty and crispy. :-)