Monday, October 13, 2008

FO-Handwarmers & iPod case

Happy Monday! Another beautiful fall day in our neck of the woods. Another day I didn't get to go take pix of the kids. Emma had a doctor's appointment after school and got 4 vaccinations. Four! Yikes! But after 2 more doses of Guardasil, she won't need another shot for 10 years. She'll be an adult by then. Okay, maybe I should derail this train of thought right now.

Time for a few FO's!
First up I have a pair of handwarmers made for my swap partner, Chris. They are made from ShiBui sock yarn that I  bought up north this summer. I love the color and shading of this yarn. It worked up so nicely.
I had enough yarn left over to make something else, but not enough to make a second pair. So I decided to go with an iPod sock. Bart thinks it looks like a turtleneck :) I rummaged thru my collection of buttons to add a little whimsy, and liked it so much that I went back and added some to the handwarmers as well. There is also a felt American Crafts flower on there. who says I don't use my scrapping supplies?
This was one of those projects that takes literally no time to make, and not much yarn either. I always have little leftover balls, so I plan to make a bunch of these things to put in an etsy store. Someday.
I didn't get a thing accomplished today after a weekend full of playing garage/pool furniture/under the deck cleanup. My body was pooped. Hopefully tomorrow I will be more productive! :)


Sharyn said...

excellent use of leftover balls!

Brooke S. Rochon said...

Beautiful beautiful, love it love it. Glad to see you're entertaining the idea of an etsy shop. Nice work!

sue said...

4 vaccinations, ouch! Love those green wristwarmers, how lovely. The leftover yarn was put to good use too wasnt it.

Kelley Popp said...

I think those would be cool in a etsy shop! I'd buy one from you! LOL. Have a happy Tuesday.

Benita said...

Very the iPod cover!

Julie said...

I love those mitts... so cool. Happy Thursday!