Thursday, October 2, 2008

a day in the life

So yesterday Stacy Julian  posted a really cool idea on her blog about giving yourself the present. I may not scrapbook often, but I still am in a scrappy frame of mind. When I take pix I always try to have the best composition as possible, and I do think about how I would 'capture the moment'. And then I get over it and pick up my needles. 
I didn't do the challenge yesterday because I didn't read about it until later in the day, and really, how many pictures of me in my pj's does one need? So I focused on today, October 2nd.
It was a good day and much more representative of my days than yesterday.
outside Starbux, downtown Northville. There was a really cool spiderweb blowing in the breeze under the lampost.
my latest project to hit the needles
gratuitous shot of me
homemade mac and cheese, one third of what's for dinner
books I am currently reading
mums aplenty at the Farmer's market today

gourds gourds gourds. dried and fresh. full of color.
menu board at Starbucks
dried wheat stalks and mini cattails, bought at the market

I have a few other pix that I plan to add a little later on (Survivor, soccer practice, maybe a few others) so I may end up with more than 10. In fact, I forgot to upload a few of them. I'm missing Evan doing homework, Buddy, & me in jeans (it's chilly today). But if I know Stacy, it's okay to have more than 10.
Hi Jan! I had fun today. Sorry you had to leave. Hope Brady is feeling ok.


knitting elephant said...

Love the pics!

sue said...

It is so nice to see you. Your weather looks really nice too, it is raining here today. Love the books, did you read the Mason Dixon one yet. I loved it.

SAR girls said...

Nice shots, my friend. After a doctor's visit today, Brady is on his way to feeling much better! :)
The day, even cut short, was fab!