Friday, October 3, 2008

FO-Punch & Judy

My very first lace knit project! I think it turned out very nice, if I say so myself :)
The pattern is Punch & Judy, from the ultra-talented Anne Hanson. She has quickly become one fo my favorte designers. Her shawls & stoles are exquisite...far and beyond what i could ever knit. I have bought a few of her sock patterns as well, and can't wait to give them a go.
This particular soft fuzzy is for Carol, my stepmom, for her birthday. And while she doesn't spend a lot of time here in the Michigan cold, she does go out often and I thought it might be nice to wear out in the fall.
Yarn: Alpaca Sox
model: Emma


knitting elephant said...

Beautiful! I love the light colors with that lace pattern... Excellent work!

SAR girls said...

What a beautiful model Emma is! Lucky you. What a lovely pattern on that scarf!

sue said...

It did turn out beautifully. What a sweet model too. I really love Anne's work too, she does design beautiful shawls and scarves doesnt she.