Monday, June 9, 2008

WWIP (wet work in progress)

How do you like my fancy yarn drier? It's lovely, isn't it?
 After unloading the car yesterday Bart discovered my secret project in progress. It was all wet.
I'm guessing we had a leaky water bottle. I'm hoping it was a water bottle anyway. Thus, the need to dry some yarn.
I first attempted to dry it (with the needles in) in a lingerie bag on no heat in the dryer. This was a stupid idea. Some stitches slipped off the needle and the skein was no closer to being dry. So i sucked it up and cut.

I needed some way to dry it without making a tangled mess (a specialty of mine) so I used this Costco box we had sitting around. Woo hoo. Way to use those resources!
Ahh, much better. And dry!
This is the most delicious yarn called Panda Wool. 51% Bamboo, 39% wool, 10% nylon. It is soft, and beautiful. For those of you that think wool socks are itchy, you needn't look any further for softness than this yarn. Divine!
I'm just about to start turning the heel on the first sock. I was hoping to have these done for Father's Day, but since I have been knitting on them only when not around the father, progress this weekend was slow. So it looks like he'll get a sock, with the promise of another in the near future. If he's lucky :)

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knitting elephant said...

Hey, at least now you can be sure they'll fit him! :-)