Tuesday, June 24, 2008

fireworks 2008

fireworks 2008, originally uploaded by dogglips2.

here are some shots I took during the festivities.
The evening ended up being gorgeous, so we decided to watch the fireworks outside on the promenade. GM passes out armbands to a certain number of people and cordens off an area, so we had kind of a private viewing area (with a few hundred friends). There were face painters and balloon twisters. All for free!
Emma wanted to venture down to the carnival rides, so we went. I should have known what it was going to be like. The entire population of Detroit was loitering about in one small area. Most of them talking on cell phones. (who are they talking to? It was loud and crowded and why do you feel the need to make a call now?) They went on one ride, because we didn't have enough tickets to do a second ride and because they were ridiculously expensive. The kids used the rest of their tickets to buy italian ice. I think they made a wise choice.
Evan talked thru the entire show, which I totally expected. But he did leave his ears uncovered...except for the finale. That was loud. He still talked to me though.
I think they had a great time!


Creative ADD said...

Very nice pics. Looks like you guys had a good time.

Julie L said...

It sounds like you guys had the perfect evening!

Kelley said...

looks a fabulous family night!