Wednesday, June 11, 2008

one more day

tomorrow is the last day of school.
How that happened, i don't know.
Like many things, I knew it was coming but didn't see it coming.
Even funnier, is that Bart has been so preoccupied at work, he didn't know it was the last week of school, and I have thought of little else.
We don't have any solid plans for the summer (which I have already logged multiple complaints about) so if anyone wants to rent a kid for a week or two, let me know. I don't have an income but will pay what I can :)
Emma's final soccer game of the season is in an hour. Evan's is tomorrow.
Busy days, lots going on.
And it's way too hot for the beginning of summer. I hope it evens out soon.
I'll leave you with a nice cool image-
January 2008. I can almost feel the chill.
Stay cool.

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Creative ADD said...

It must be sort of sad, I mean the ending of the school year, while I'm sure you love being around your children, I know a break must be nice. As Stella approaches starting preschool in the fall, it makes me sad because she's growing up, but also happy because I'll get some ME time. Try to enjoy your summer!