Monday, June 23, 2008

bye, George

Comedian George Carlin passed away this weekend. I'm bummed out. I love George. I remember having several concerts of his on tape back in college, and I listened to them over and over. His humor never failed to make me laugh. So sad.
We are going downtown to watch the fireworks tonight (another benefit of GM employment)! We have passes both inside and on the promenade, so depending on the weather we may hang outside, or we'll be on the 26th floor, eye level with the pyrotechnics. That is a very cool vantage point. We took Emma when she was little but have never taken Evan (he's not a fan of loud noise). It's been a few years, so I'm excited to go. Not excited to drive home with the million or so other fireworks fans, but it's a package deal.
Happy Monday!

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Kache said...

That will be so cool to see them up close!
I did that once a few years back from the office. Hope it was fun!