Sunday, June 15, 2008

what up!

So many things happening in the last week...
-school finished Thursday with a bang! The clap, the roller skating, and then Evan had his final game of the season (they tied). 
-Friday was spent going over the ground rules and expectations for the summer. Cleaning rooms and making the house presentable. Reviewing chore charts. The kids are excited at the prospect of earing some cash for the summer.
-Went to see 'Indiana Jones' with the family and my dad yesterday. It was pretty great! I was happier with it than I thought I would be. I rarely pay attention to critics...if I like something I don't care if it's perfect, as long as it entertains me.
-took Emma shoping for some bras today. We bought a few sporty non-padded models. This was actually harder than you would think, because they are all padded. Not only padded, but covered with glitter and patches and crap. They even had the demi push-up style. Seriously.
-today was the first day of soccer tryouts. It didn't start well. We kind of got into a shouting match with one of the program directors or whatever she was. She hollered, we didn't. But for the first hour my stomach was in knots thinking about her and the effect that she could have on Evan's potential placement. I needn't have worried-his coach offered us a position on the Nike (A team) team before the day was finished. We haven't told him, because we want him to play well tomorrow. And so we can see his face when he gets his letter of acceptance.

awesome awesome awesome. We are so proud of his acheivement. And because I didn't take any pictures today I played with this one until I liked it. I also didn't take any pix while bra shopping, because I would like my daughter to still like me in a few years.
Happy Father's Day!

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