Tuesday, June 3, 2008

this guy

Is pretty unhappy with me lately.
Since Savannah's passing, we switched him from a fatty, protien laced food for diabetics to a weight managment food. He doesn't like it. Not even a little bit.

He looks at me so pathetically and does little silent 'meow'. Paws at my lower leg, as if to say "What's the deal here. Where is the good stuff?"
I don't think he missed her too much at first, but now I know he does. The funny thing is, I keep waiting to hear the 'call' he would do for her. Her summons. I haven't heard him yet, but I'm sure he's gotta be thinking 'Where the heck did she go?'
No weight managment issues here. Move along!


Kelley Popp said...

ahh no weight issues-but I am sure he misses his sweet playmate and his tasty food.

knitting elephant said...

I've no doubt he misses his playmate! I can't begin to imagine the noise either of our cats would make if the other wasn't around anymore. Good luck with the kitty diet. :-)