Tuesday, August 4, 2009

welcome, August

Last night I was messing around on my laptop and I saw the little calendar icon and it said 'Aug 3'. I was startled! This proves two things:
1. I startle easily
2. Summer has flown by!
It certainly feels like summer right now-near 90 and very humid. Emma & I were out hunting and gathering (i.e. shopping) and I couldn't wait to get home to turn on the AC. Icky.

a few thoughts:
-Emma may be the only almost 12 year old girl on the face of the planet that hates to shop. Seriously. And I'm trying to be mindful of what she likes and wants, but why does it have to be 7" long shorts? I told her the need to start getting longer. They also aren't very flattering on her, because she has a bit of a booty. Doesn't seem to care. Did let me buy her some flip flops and AE t-shirts though.
-my garden has had a pretty good summer. Things aren't quite as lush as in previous years, but then again, things aren't as fried either. Tradeoff.
-I am starting to get some actual tomatoes on most of the plants! This excites me no end.
-Soccer camp is going well. Em was really nervous, but did fine yesterday. Both are aching and tired. Both have blisters. Evan still has deep circles under his eyes. Tomorrow begins double duty. I'm sure this translates to double duty whining, too.
-need to think about back to school shopping
-can't believe in 5 weeks we'll be in Petoskey for Emma's first tournament.
-trying to feed 4 people at 4 different times of day ain't easy. Planning a lot of grab and go type of things. Tonight is BLT's. Mmmmm, bacon.
-got the best box of fun in the mail from a friend yesterday. Still smiling.
-I could use a Slurpee. Mmmmm, Slurpee.
-going to visit a friend on Thursday between drop off/pick ups. Her daughter is going to be thrilled no end when she sees the 2 ginormous trash bags of clothes.
-season 2 of Flight of the Conchords was released today. Yippee!!

Happy Tuesday!

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Jan C. said...

Well, not every girl loves to shop. But it could be that she's merely at the age where it's not as much fun to shop with mom as it used to be. Maybe if you take one of her friends along and let them wander around and try things on, she'll get into it more. Of course, they end up wanting to buy things you think are unflattering, but that's a part of growing up too. In a few years she'll have fun shopping with you again.