Thursday, August 6, 2009


Today was one of those days where I was fed up with being the chef/parent/maid/chaueffer.
I have one every once in awhile (gee, now that I think about it, they seem to cluster around my monthly cycle. What are the chances??)
Today's grievances were multiplied by the fact that I have to drive two kids thru town during rush hour to different locations. Why was I thinking I could do this? Did I plan to teleport myself? I just don't know anymore. All I do know is that from the hours of 5-6, going anywhere in Northville is a total pain in the ass. It took me 25 minutes to drive Evan to football practice and back home. Total distance? 2 miles. 2 frickin' miles. Shoot me now.
I talked to my Dad for a minute, and he said "Those kids are probably kissing your feet they are so grateful for all that you are doing for them right now" To which I responded with a "ARE YOU $#@%ING KIDDING ME?" Because nothing rubs the salt into the wounds like a whiny, uncooperative, unappreciative kid. Of which I have two.
To my credit, they both are still alive, to torment me another day.
Grrr. I may take up drinking in the afternoon, just to get thru the b.s.

(just kidding. drinking just makes me sleepy, and lazy. I don't have time to be either)

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Jen on the Edge said...

I feel your pain. Not that the girls are bickering or anything, but I'm ready to have some alone time. On Wednesday, we all went out after dinner and, on the way home, I hit my limit of family time and had Pete drop me off a mile from home so that I could walk the rest of the way alone.