Thursday, August 27, 2009

FO-Madelaine dress

Sort of a cheat, since the dress hasn't been blocked and the tie w/ pompoms hasn't been added, but the knitting is done, so It's a FO.

miles and miles of lace repeats

picot edge-my first crochet anything

A while back, my friend Sharyn passed my email on to a woman who was looking for some custom handknits. At the time, I thought they were for her personally. All I knew was that she wanted some baby items.
After a few conversations with her, I came to learn that she is the owner of a chic online baby boutique called the Baby Gardner, and was looking to add a knitter into her fold. Could I knit some vintage inspired baby items to add to her shop?
We settled on a few patterns, and I have been busy knitting ever since.
The goal is to have several different types of things knit; she will add them to the store. When a customer orders one of my items, I will then knit it.
It's a fun way to jump out of my comfort zone (vintage? baby?), and hopefully get my stuff out there a little bit. I would love to grow my etsy shop into something really cool!


sue said...

Congratulations! The baby knit vintage is just gorgeous. How exciting for you too with knitting up orders for people.

Jen on the Edge said...

That is so cool! What a neat way to turn something you enjoy into a job!

SAR girls said...

I predict you will soon be the Martha Stewart of knitting, my friend! :) That little dress is gorgeous!

Julie L. said...

This is amazing!! Seriously, you have an awesome talent, Sue.

Nicole said...

What an incredible opportunity! Congrats's an adorable little dress.