Wednesday, August 12, 2009

girdiron guy

Here we have a freshman Stallion. He's lining up for a play, or taking instruction, or maybe bird watching. Who really knows.
oops! He spotted me! My cover is blown. At least he can't smile and wave at me. That mouthguard makes him look fierce.
time for a water break. It's hot under all that gear. If you don't believe me, maybe you'd like to stop by at about 8:05 to help wrestle him out of it.
I love the look of concentration on his face, located directly under the clapper (?). He's getting ready to run a relay race for a prize, and he isn't about to be beat. Incidentally, his team won.
I can't say that I really understand about 90% of what's going on, but he is tackling and hitting and running plays and digging every minute.


Jan C. said...

What a teeny little football stud he is! So tough, so macho. Grrrrrr! (He looks so cute, how can you stand it?)

Jen on the Edge said...

It's cute to me, but I can't imagine watching a son of mine play. I'd be cringing during each tackle.