Monday, August 10, 2009

it's the most wonderful time of the year...

Sing it with me!
I love the commercial where the dad is skipping thru the store with the shopping cart full of school supplies, and the kids follow looking extremely depressed. It tickles my funny bone.

Took the kids back to school shopping at Target. It was a crummy-ish morning and hotter than heck. Apparently all the other at home parents had the same idea, because the aisles were packed with other kids digging thru backpacks and looking for their favorite Jonas brother on a decorative folder.
This is the one time of year I can be guaranteed that Emma will not only want to shop with me, she will be excited beyond belief. She has spent the afternoon ooohing and awwwing over how wonderful her five star folders are, and how important and neat her scientific calculator is.
I loved shopping for back to school supplies as a kid. Nothing beats fresh pencils, crayons, notebooks.
Guess what else we found today?
our very-first-grown-from-seed cuke!
Last night we went to my sister-in-law's house to celebrate her birthday, and Greg (my BIL) has the most enviable tomato and cucumber plants. The kids were trying to out harvest each other, and Emma found one almost as thick as her forearm! I think we ate three, warm from the sun still, in addition to dinner. They were delicious.
It may be a single cuke, but I am in love.
Today's is Evan's first day of practice with pads. And of course, it's 86 degrees. I have been forcing him to drink water all day. I'm trying to not worry and be a basketcase,but he is little, and it's hot. I hope the coaches are as conscientious as they claim to be.
Happy Monday!

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Jan C. said...

I used to love getting my new school supplies, and my new school shoes to go with my gawdawful hunter green and grey school uniform. Ah, the smell of looseleaf paper, folders, and new shoe leather!

The thing my kids get excited about it picking out mechanical pencils. And my HS girls NEED Flair markers in as many colors as possible. Other than that, whatever I bring home is fine.