Monday, August 17, 2009


It was not a pretty weekend of soccer, overall.
Emma's team was 0-3, with only 2 goals total.
Evan's team was 0-2-1 Last year, they were practically unbeatable. Humbled.

I also saw a lot of good stuff, too.
Emma has improved 1000% since last season. She has a long way to go, and she won't quit. She will only get better, and more confidant. Her attitude thoughout the entire weekend was great-she didn't complain once about how 'pushy' the other girls were, or any of the other 376 complaints that were part of her repitoire in previous seasons. She took all criticism constructively, and was eager and prepared before each game.
Evan was reverting to some bad game habits, but luckily he notices that he's doing it. Hopefully this means he will stop them :) He played keeper for one of the games, and he did very well- his defense was lacking and the other team scored a few times. But he also had a good attitude and didn't let the goals get him down.
I am so proud of them both, and look forward to great seasons!

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