Friday, August 28, 2009

Emma update

  • She's having a great time in sunny Florida. Ironicly, it has hardly stopped raining here since she left.
  • the first night she was there, she never called us to say goodnight. I was a little put out (there was crying involved when she left!). Turns out she was asleep by 9 p.m.
  • Yesterday she texted me about 35 times, complete with pics, about how wonderful everything is. I've had beach scenes, dinner plates, big ass drink glasses, pirate ships, presents for Dad, Jamba juice, and the ocean. She loves to torment me.
  • Today she got to hang out with one of her girlfriends for the afternoon, and they were going to go to a mini golf/ go kart/ arcade type of place with her parents. Her friend Amanda and her family have a condo within a mile of my dad's. Small world!
  • she's been a shopping maniac. Already has bought gifts for the three of us. I wonder if she'll actually buy anything for herself!!
have a great weekend! September is justaround the bend :)

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