Thursday, May 21, 2009

Plant or weed?

Hello, and welcome! It's that time of year again...time to play my favorite quiz game...
Plant or weed?

contestant number one-
upon first glance, contestant #1 looks like a weed, all the way. First of all, it was the first thing that bloomed, and it's about 3 feet tall. Nothing I plant ever grows that fast.
but look at the bottom-it looks like something I planted on purpose. Is the weed clever enough to disguise itself and grow directly out of the middle of the on purpose plant?? Plus it's far enough away that I think I planted it.
so is contestant #1 a plant or a weed? I have 3 different opinions so far, and they are split. I just don't want some gardener extraordinaire to come over and go "Hey, why are you letting that huge weed grow?"

Contestant #2
this one is iffy. It's a nice green mound. Could be intentional but for the fact that it's too close to something else.
the leaves look kind of weedy too. Help me out here...weed, or plant?

Not a weed or a plant, it's Buddy enjoying the sunshine...

Contestant #3
compact, bushy. Looks like a plant. This one could go either way. Weed or plant?

And just for fun, look what I bought at the farmer's market today! Isn't it the coolest? The lady there had an old rake & a quilt draped over it. Not gonna happen, but I bet I can find something really cool to put in there! I didn't buy a single plant today. Just pastries and this :)
Thanks for playing this years edition of Plant or Weed! Happy gardening!


Jen on the Edge said...

I'm not sure about #1 but think it's a weed. I'm pretty sure that #2 and #3 are weeds too.

Benita said...

I don't know about # 2 or # 3, but # 1 better be a weed because I just pulled out a bunch of them myself the other day!

Nicole said...

ohhhh, I need to play this game in my yard! :) #1 is iffy...#2 looks like a weed, #3 is a plant. Love the little rollie find the coolest stuff!

Emily said...

1 and 2 weeds. 3 plant.

SAR girls said...

I think they might all be weeds, at least that was my first thought. #3 might possibly be a plant and even if it itsnt you could let it pretend it is a plant and let it be happy frolicking with the real things! :)

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

Okay, so clearly I'm not from your neck of the woods. If #3 is not a weed and it is indeed a plant, I really want to know what it is.