Thursday, May 14, 2009

good things

Waking up to sunshine after last night's thunderstorm
this weeks' farmer's market haul:
remember to buy bug spray for my camping trip this weekend
and sunscreen
kettle corn
a 48 year old woman winning 'The Biggest Loser' (She wasn't my pick, but it gives me hope)
knitting baby garments
a day off from soccer yesterday
playing with my new DVR
planting heirloom tomato seeds, 15 varieties.
more naked yarn to dye...I think I am going to try some Kool-Aid this time
one lone frog singing his heart out in the middle of the day


Nicole said...

ohhh, I love your potting table! I can't wait to see more yarn - I LOVE your first batch.

SAR girls said...

Cool beans, my friend! This week got away from me-how does Thursday look next week?

Have fun camping with your girl!