Monday, May 11, 2009

garden ho!

I spent a little time outside today tending to the growing garden (something I should have done 3 weeks ago, but never fit in between the rainstorms) Things are looking nice and green. I am going to have to add some dirt in some places, primarily around the pond. I will also need to remulch...another favorite job! Yippee.
The lilacs are in full bloom, and just about nothing makes me feel better than looking at the long wall of fragrant purple lilacs. I wish they lasted all summer.
small celadine poppies in fuzzy pre-flower form.

Last weeks' perennial purchase-Primula, or Orchid Primrose.Can't wait to see a handful of these spikes poking up in the garden.
A new perennial from last year, the Celadine Poppy is doing beautifully.
My all time favorite farmer's market purchase, my tiny maple, with it's leaves slowly unfurling and growing deeper green every day.
I still have a lot of work to do. My knitter's physique is stiff and sore from bending to pick the never ending weeds. I still have some leaves to suck up. Gotta get that dirt. And Preen. A gardener's best friend.
Off to get ready for our4th soccer game in a row :)


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