Saturday, May 9, 2009

I made some pretties!!

I made my first ever skeins of hand dyed sock yarn this week! I am addicted, I must say. The cost for 4 skeins & shipping were less than one pricey yarn. And I can make whatever colors I want! Bonus! The yarn is from Knit Picks.

The pink/blue are a superwash merino/nylon base, while the yellow is a suprewash merino/alpaca/nylon blend. I had never knit (or owned ) this yarn before, and it's working up very nicely. I immediately placed another order.
This one is called 'Blue Margarita with Lime'
"Hubba Bubba"
'Pineapple Orange'

I have so many ideas of colors I want to try!


SAR girls said...

Soon you will be the American version of the German lady!!

knitting elephant said...

I love the colors, especially the blue marg! :-)