Thursday, July 9, 2009

spray park and crayfishing

Tuesday was a lovely, unseasonably-cool-for-July day, which found us at the totally cute and totally free Plymouth recreational park. It's been years and years since we last went (don't know why...just never thought about it, really). We met up with our friend's, the Kemp family. Rachel & Emma have been friends since kindergarden. They have 4 girls, all different ages, and are always up for adventure and laughs.
Crayfishing was first on the agenda after lunch. My kids have talked about nothing else for days.

Ev & Elizabeth trying to catch one in the shadows
The water was no more than 5 inches deep, and considerably less in some spots. Emma found this 4 inch fish, and caught him. Meredith thought it would be fun to hold him.
Mama duck & 6 babies, unbothered by the fishing and splashing going on right next to them
They fished for at least 2 hours and filled up that whole container with crayfish! Emma also managed to catch at least 50 huge mosquito bites. July in Michigan! And even though it was on the cool side, they played in the splash park (a very good thing because they were all muddy and mucky and gross)
Meredith running on the outer edges, just barely getting wet
Rachel, Evan, & Emma through the hoops
Emma enjoying the spray. I love how Mer has her little hand in the spray on the side.
And lastly, Mr. Man up top this totem thingy. They are all over the park. I just thought he looked cool.
Em & I are impatiently waiting for Evan to come back (he went out with a friend who's parents don't understand the concept of on time) so that we can go enjoy the pool on this sunny 80 degree day. I have a feeling we are going to be turing on the air by tomorrow :(
She & I went to the farmer's market to score some pastries and tomatoes. I have been dying for homegrown toms, and even though I have a million plants, I have nothing close to a tomato. I paid $4.78 a pound. Gah! If I start them earlier next year, maybe I can sell them and be a gazillionaire.
Happy Thursday all!

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knitting elephant said...

Looks like a great time was had! I can't stand when people are late...especially when it's consistently. RUDE. Hope you have fun at the pool. :-)