Thursday, July 23, 2009

it's been a very spendy week

Evan, enjoying Coraline in 3D and his football uniform. He wears it all day, everyday.

We have spent a ton of money this week and we didn't even go somewhere fun to do it.
Both pets had to go to the vet for checkups/ various vaccinations/ lab tests, to the tune of $400.
I had a temporary crown put on today. Another $165.
Had to buy a man girdle, cup, and heat gear shirt. $79 more bux.
Ran into TJ Maxx and bought a few gifts, and a bathing suit & sunglasses for a certain someone travelling to Florida in a few weeks. $65.
Now would not be a good time for something to croak or go on the fritz.
On the plus side, it's been raining up a storm and it's cool, so there's some money saved!

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Jen on the Edge said...

Back in April we had a week like that. Both cars needed major repairs, our new dishwasher fritzed, and then there were other things that I've now blocked from memory, but which made it a long, expensive week.