Saturday, July 4, 2009

Cedar Point recap and other stuff

Happy 4th of July, everyone!
It's a balmy 74 degrees and overcast in southeast Michigan. Perfect weather for a trip to the beach or a cookout. Sheesh! It feels more like September than July. I can only hope that this doesn't push back the real summer temps into August and September, when Evan is in his full football gear. That would really suck.
The last few days have been a whirlwind, and I was too busy to post or even get on the computer at all. Playtime was done, time to get to work! 
We hosted a Friday night martini night/ 4th of July party at our house last night, which entailed 2 full days of cleaning and prep work. After a full day @ Cedar Point, all I wanted to do was sleep, sleep, and sleep some more. Didn't happen. My body hurt all over.
The party was a lot of fun and a huge success. I didn't take a single picture, because I was busy drinking rum runners and embarrasing my daughter. And then drinking a few more rum runners, capped off with a few Oberons. Good times.
Anyway, I learned 3 important lessons while at CP...
1) I am old.
2) My body can't handle the roller coasters the way it could when I was a teenager.
3) Way too many women in the middle of the country have Kate Gosselin's haircut. True.

I also didn't take a bunch of pix, because the camera was in a ziploc bag, and taking it out all the time and returing it to the bag was a PAIN. It was threatening to rain all day, but didn't until about 6:30, and then only for a short time. We got so lucky. I have been going to CP for 25+ years, and the Wednesday before a holiday weekend is ideal. The lines were non-existant for just about everything, and it was cool to boot.

Emma & her friend Kailey. Kailey's mom told us that she isn't super wild about roller coasters and she would  sit most of them out. About midway thru the day, Kailey found her inner 'ride warrior' and was tackling them all. They had a blast.
Evan and his buddy Max. In addition to being a fun kid, Max is adorable. (I wouldn't ever let him hear me say it). Max rode almost every single thing in the park.
We had a spot of sun in the middle of the day and headed for the water rides. We only got mildly wet on Snake River Falls, until the kids found the lookout bridge...

They got a little wet here.
Thunder Canyon was fun. I went with the kids while Bart held the dry stuff. They managed to get hit by every waterfall, while I did not. It was awesome.
We could have riden this all day, because there were no lines. But CP has a stupid rule that you have to get off the ride and walk all the way around to ride it again. Ridiculous! The kids did a few times, and then we had to go change cuz it was cold!
Bart and Emma on the Power tower. The rest of us watched.
Max brought enough money to pay for a semester of college, and was earnestly trying to win every challenge CP set forth. He was not successful.
He did, however, buy a Leprechuan hat, complete with beard. And he wore it proudly all day long.
Here's the 4 of them on the Wildcat. I can't believe I actually caught them! They were moving pretty fast for Emma's little point and shoot.
We rode right up until closing time, and then dragged our tired bodies to the car. It was fun, it was exhausting, it was educating. Who knew Emma was fearless, and that Evan discovered he didn't really love the big drops on coasters. He wanted to, but just couldn't. There's always next summer!

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