Tuesday, July 28, 2009

dog days of summer

I know the 'dog days of summer' are usually much later in the season, but for me, they are now.
The days where everyone is getting bored with sleeping in, hanging out at home, playing video games, going to the pool, and being in each others company in general. Tempers are short, and boredom is the rule of the day. I know, it's a rough life. Still, too much of a good thing isn't a good thing.

Yesterday the kids were at each others' throats all day. Therefore, I was involved. No matter how much I try to stay out of it, they kept dragging me back in. I hate days like that. By the time we were ready to sit down and watch tv, I was a strung out, headachy mess, and they were best friends again. I wanted to kill them.

Today they spent the entire day in the basement, like mole people. I heard cleaning and vaccuuming noises, nice talking to each other, getting along. I was pleasantly surprised to find the room completely cleaned, and order restored to the universe. It's a wonder my head doesn't explode.

My head is swirling with craft projects of a dozen varieties. Today I decided to tackled step one of my latest obsession: quilt. Cut the strips...

and why waste my time only doing one? Let's do two at a time! Maybe tonight I will start piecing together. Or not. We'll see. I waited until our hottest day of the summer to iron 24 pieces of fabric, and stand and cut them into strips. Even with the air on, I'm a hot sticky mess with frizzy hair and aching feet. (I have plantars facitis on my left foot, and when I'm home I never think to put my shoes on. So by the end of the day I can hardly walk. Good times). And I have to start dinner before the mole people have yet another snack...
See ya!


Jen on the Edge said...

Those fabrics are so great! Can't wait to see the finished products.

Re: the plantar fascitis, I wear Crocs around the house for mine and it does the trick.

Jan C. said...

The first quilt looks a bit like the one Torm made, but I do like the addition of the material with the big flowers on it. That's going to turn out totally cute.

Heather said...

That's gorgeous! I'm jealous. I tried to quilt but was a failure.