Friday, September 12, 2008

what a long,strange week it's been

T.G.I.F. Another one bites the dust.
I spent the whole week in a sort of fog. Not really sure why I'm so tired and generally bleah, but I have been. I need to exercise. I need to eat better. It's hard to get moving when you feel so exhausted. And I wasted a generally beautiful fall week with napping and lethargy. Ack!
Next week will be better. Yep.
Lots of soccer and homework this past week. Everyone is starting to settle into the school routine pretty well, even if we are all a little tired.
Sadly, this tree is not in front of my house. It's in front of the house that I park at when I get the little man. So beautiful and vibrant-I just knew I  had to bring my camera before the leaves fell.

Last night was middle school open house. This is a crazy event. You go to each class for 9 minutes, and you have 5 minutes to go from class to class. Emma is in an AR (Academic Resource) class that had a special meeting for 45 minutes before the rest of the open house deal. I didn't realize what a big deal it is- less than 5% of the students test into the class. Very elite. It's a smarty pants class. (If they had a smart ass class, she would test into that as well!)
The teacher was very intersting, and I think she will do well in this class. For her 4 main subjects she has a team of 2 teachers, both very enthusiastic. She has a lot of the same kids in these classes, so the 6th graders get to know a small group intimately before moving into 7th.
It's a whole new world. let me tell you. Her organizations skills are so much better than when I was a middle schooler!
Off to get the man-cub. Have a great weekend!

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