Tuesday, September 2, 2008

back to school

It's not easy being a Mom who likes to take photos, especially on back to school day. I got one photo each before I got the stink eye and the "Mooooooom". When they are older they will wonder why I didn't take pictures (or as many pictures) as I did when they were little and cute.
Emma & Anna, preparing to leave. Not even a shot of the first day outfit. My scrapping Mom card is going to be revoked.
Walking to school with Anna's 8th grade brother Alex. The school is just down the street to the left; a 5 minute walk. It's 'cool' to be close, for whatever reason. Note the matching backpacks.
And here's Mr. Man in his usual uniform of sweatshirt & basketball shorts. Barely tolerating one photo, don't even think about trying to take one @ school.
They both had good first days. Emma likes her teachers and found she knew more kids in her classes than she thought she would. Didn't get lost one time. All good stuff. Tomorrow brings lockers...and locker combinations.
Evan's actual teacher is still out on maternity leave, but he likes his sub and seems to be ok with his class. None of his good buddies are in his class this year, so he'll have to work hard to make some new friends. Not a problem for him so much.
Off to fill out emergency cards!


Brooke S. Rochon said...

Aww, so cute. I remember doing that to my mom too. Thanks, my MIL is just a big downer most of the time, but with time, she will come around. Or, we just won't be coming around.

Benita said...

Cute pics!