Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I heart the 80's

old school legwarmers, originally uploaded by dogglips2.

A few weeks ago (Friday, martini & dance partty night @ my dad's house) my Aunt Roberta asked if the Bee-Gees were good 80's music. (My husband & stepmom are BG fanatics) to which I gasped "Of course NOT!" in a huff. She needs an 80's mix tape, and I, of course, was a font of musical information. I do know they aren't mix tapes anymore, but you know what I mean. And while I lived thru the 80's, and loved most of the music of the 80's, I discovered that I didn't OWN but a handful of songs. How can that be? I must have had them all on tape (mixed tapes) and they never made it into my CD/iTunes collection. So tonight i was finding some tunes and started to get carried away. I needed to stop before I spent a months worth of grocery money on "Wake me up before you go-go" and "Footloose". Which of course made the cut.

Help me out here! What are some of your favorite songs from the big hair decade? I'm interested in all your wacked out responses.

In honor of the 80's, I decided to knit Emma a pair of legwarmers for her birthday. She has been wearing lots of skirts to school, and I thought she might like them for when it gets chilly. They are thick and wooly, with a delicate little cable pattern all around. If she likes them, I can make many other colors, lengths & styles. Or she may think I've lost my mind. Which may be true.


Brooke S. Rochon said...

Anything by Cindy Lauper!

Stacy said...

Corey Hart - I wear my sunglasses at night; Tommy Tutone - 867-5309 (Jenny); AHA - Take on me and don't forget the MJ Thriller Album! I LOVE the 80's ipod 80's playlist has 523 songs in it! Oh, Duran Duran, too...they were HOT! ;-)

SAR girls said...

I had a boyfriend who loved AC/DC so I still smile today whenever I hear anything from "Back in Black"! LOL. LOVE those leg warmers!