Saturday, September 6, 2008

that was a week?

That was fast. I blinked and it was the end of the week.
In the end, I didn't spend two or three days doing the dance of joy. I didn't even spend one. I somehow got stuck in the never-ending loop of shopping, shopping and more shopping.
Emma's birthday is coming up in 2 weeks, so I have been hunting and gathering for her. I had to make several trips to stores because they were out of something or other that I needed, so I never got anything accomplished in one trip. Soooooo frustrating.
And I spent a ridculous amount of time looking for a badge holder for her. I had 4 of them. I threw them all away (probably). Now I need one and they are like unicorns, mystical and mysteriously hard to locate. After no less than 4 trips, I found one @ some office store. But c'mon. 4 trips? Shit and double shit.
I repeated this scenario in the search for shoes. Need a size 5? Good luck with that. I challenge you to find something that is not too babyish, cute, affordable, and doesn't have pink in it. See you in a month.
I also lost my mind and have been doing a little shopping for me. I know. Bad bad bad. But I am back on the wagon, so to speak. And if I wasn't, I think this week cured any impulse to shop.
But how cute is this?
How could I not buy that croc charm? Seriously.
The rest of the week was spent in a blur: visiting friends, having lunches, soccering, signing papers & trying to remember to pick up Evan.
The good news is that both of the kids are happy with their classes & teachers. It was a week with little homework or responsibilities. Emma's only complaint about middle school is the location of her's in a hallway. The 8th graders trample her every day when the bell rings. She needs to learn to be quicker.
I have 5 different projects on needles right now, but can only show this one, my first ever toe-up sock! I am doing a knit along on Ravelry and this was the pattern chosen. The cast on was much easier than I figured, and the yarn is divine. Not quite sure I like how boxy the toes look, but when you put them on they don't look like that. Progress is moving right along. Unlike the rest of my life!
Happy weekend to all!

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SAR girls said...

Will knit for coffee? LOVE IT.
See you tomorrow!