Friday, March 26, 2010

review time

A quickie for the week:
  • Started the week feeling like I was coming down with another sinus infection/bronchitis-y thing, but by Tuesday it had passed. Thank God! So did not want to have to deal with that!
  • Found out that Evan scored a 97% on his IOWA/COGAT tests, meaning that he scored higher than 97% of fith grade students nationwide. Holy mother, the kid is smart! We got two letters today inviting him to be in the advanced programs next year. It's official-both kids are smarted than their Mom.
  • finished another knitty project and mailed it off.
  • Hopefully drove to my last indoor soccer practice in Wixom for the year! (I say hopefully, because we may still have practice Monday. I hope not.)
  • Evan scored a goal this past weekend...his first in a long time.
  • Had a great weekend with BFF Heather, except that I worked myself up and didn't sleep well, so we didn't stay up late or do anything rowdy. Next time, all nighters!
  • Thinking it's just about time to get an outfit to wear to the baby shower.
  • HOW is next week Easter already??
  • Went to the doctor this week and have agreed on getting an IUD, which I should have done several years ago. Now it's gonna cost me about $1000. Joy. My blood sugar is still above the charts high, so I need to see my regular doctor and find out what I should be doing. Diabetes is not something I want to add to my list of ailments.
  • Another weekend of games ahead for us. Year round sports is beginning to take it's toll.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Brooke S. Rochon said...

So happy for you, must feel good that you and Bart have raised two very intelligent kids. Very cool! As for the IUD, at first I did NOT like mine. It stinks that they have to put it in while you're flowing and for me it caused all this weird join pain at first. But now, I love it and having no real periods is a nice little deal. Good luck with the soccer thing and stay healthy.