Wednesday, March 10, 2010

peace in our time

I want to say Thank you to all my lovely internet friends who were so kind and supportive yesterday when I was crabby and down in the dumps! I feel very loved. And so much better today. Sometimes you just need some time to crab it all out, and then things seem better. I wasn't getting that time yesterday, so I was taking it out on the kids and myself. It didn't help that Mother Nature wasn't cooperating with my mood and produced a gorgeous day (which I wasted by being a crab-ass) Today is 'party cloudy', which fits my mood like a glove.

What better way to wallow than to watch global annihilation films (2012*) and The Biggest Loser (Inspiring!) while lounging on the couch and folding laundry? Watching the Losers wake up at 5:30 to work out, work an 8 hour day, come home and work out again made me realize what an absolute whiny crybaby I can be sometimes. I don't have to do any of that stuff....I just have to not eat bad shit! Snap out of it!!
To reward myself for my insightful morning, I gave my feet a much needed pedi. Pretty polish makes an overcast Wednesday not too bad after all.
Funny story- I was jamming out to some of my favorite songs while getting ready to jump into the shower (literally JUMP, because my fat cat was laying on the bathmat and it was either jump over him or step on him). I forget that I lotioned up my feet after my pedicure and just about fell and killed myself. The next hour flashed through my mind, as I wondered when I would be discovered laying dead on the shower floor with the cat sitting on the bathmat. Would Emma just assume I was taking a super long shower? Would the water eventually get cold? Would she come in and ask why my computer was in the bathroom?
Evidently it wasn't my time to go.
So even after my near death experience, I am going to stick out the diet. After all, if this can occur...
...then anything is possible. 13 years and nothing like this has ever even come close to happening! Monumental!

*stupidest movie ever

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Jan C. said...

I hope neither of us ever dies in the shower. Think of the double trauma to our poor kids. (A) They find us dead. (B) We are naked.