Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hello, March

So far, the month of March has been sunny and warm and glorious. Did I mention sunny? But I haven't really enjoyed it for more than 10 minutes because of the sleeping.
I'm not sleeping again. No sleeping at night=sleeping during the day. And we all know what happens when we sleep during the day.
Nothing. That's what happens.
Last night I was like Goldilocks, moving from couch to couch in search of the perfect fit. This one is too hard. This one is isn't long enough. This one is ok, but not great. And everywhere I went, I had two anchors at my feet. Because when you're tossing and turning, the thing you really want is an over sized lap dog pinning your legs down.
So this entire week has been 'day is night' and 'up is down'. I have gotten next to nothing done. And I am irritated.
Good thing March has been accommodating with extra loveliness.

Tonight is the 5th grade musical on the Revolutionary War. I'm sure it's the first ever show in which the 'worm' is performed, thanks to my son. Sure to be a hoot.

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Jan C. said...

Have you ever tried listening to an audio book while you are falling asleep? It works like a charm. Just like when you were little and your mommy read you a story!