Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving recap

  • It was a whirlwind trip...just about 24 hours total. We left both ways at 8 am.
  • Bart drove the entire trip because I was sick, naturally. Started the night before with the nasty bronchial stuff. I slept in the car quite a bit.
  • Border crossings were quick and painless. I was a little disappointed that we didn't get stamps in our new passports :(
  • Arrived @ the Anderson's/Dorsay's at 1:00, after taking a few wrong turns. Thanks OnStar!
  • spent the next 8 hours talking, eating, laughing, drinking, playing, & eating. The cousins hadn't seen each other in sooo long. And they all got along terrifically. Olivia kept leading Emma thru the house, holding her hand. She told her she looked like a princess (aww. It was so sweet.) Evan & Luke spent the majority of their time building Legos.
  • Shannon took Emma & I to her boutique. Em picked out some really pretty hairbands.
  • went to the hotel to pass out.
Beanie looks just like her momma!
The girls are having a heated game of 'Cooking Mama'
Evan & Livvy
I took 5 pix of them together, and this was the best one!
the big kids get goofy.

We had a great time. Too short a visit.
Thanks to Shannon & Carmen for a terrific day!

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