Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hello, December v.09

Not quite sure how it's possible, but it's already December. This year has truly flown by!

I am going to keep a 'December daily' album going here. Maybe I'll get around to scrapping it, maybe I won't (I didn't last year), but at least I'll have a record of what was going on if I ever decide I do want to get it into an album!

December 1st:

  • while laying sleepless in bed last night, I had the idea of how I wanted to take a Christmas card photo of the kids. The weather was beautiful when they came home from school, and they were both in an uncharacteristically cooperative mood, so we did it. I call it "Sister's revenge". I like it.
  • bought 2 new cookie magazines at the store today. Sorting thru and finding all the things I want to make. Right now, I am at 18 different things. In one magazine. I will be paring down. I love to bake.
  • PW's beef & mushroom stew is bubbling on the stove for dinner. It smeels delicious. Just waiting for the noodles to cook so we can eat!
  • Emma made Palestinian cookies all by herself to take to school tomorrow. They are very yummy! They are sort of baklava-ish, but she left off the nuts (in case of allergies). Most importantly, she did all the cleanup herself!
  • cleaned up the basement enough to pull out the Christmas decorations. Trust me when I say this was necessary! Now maybe we can work on getting the tree up.
  • Got an order from an old friend who would like many knitted things for gifts. Trying to pull together all the supplies needed so that I can get them done in time.

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Jen on the Edge said...

I *love* the Christmas card photo!