Monday, December 14, 2009

December 11,12 & 13

  • Fat Squirrel has returned! After the frigid cold settled into just regular winter cold, the birdfeeders became the place to be. We have red finches, cardinals, blue jays (huge ones!) gold finches, chickadees, and a few other varities that I don't recognize. And then there is FS. This is actually FS friend, Chubby Squirrel. Many enjoyable hours were spent watching the two of them slide down the metal pole fireman style. Emma & I could hardly breathe we were laughing so hard.
  • On Sunday morning, I saw an almost 2 foot tall hawk sitting on top of the feeder. I've never seen one so close before. He didn't like it when I tried to take his photo and he flew away.
  • Our tree is fully decorated! I will take some pix later.
  • Went to the Johnston's house to celebrate Papa Fred & Uncle Greg's birthdays. We found out that Aunt Tracey is pregnant with a boy! The kids are estatic to have a new cousin, especially one that lives in Michigan!

  • Last soccer games of 2009! Evan was a sub for the U11 boys team, which he really liked doing. Gave him a taste for 8v8 and offsides play. I am so glad to get a break, even if only for a few weeks.
  • Wrote about 25% of our Christmas cards.
  • Finished my knitting special order :)
  • Watched a few Christmas specials. A few years ago we bought all of our favorite ones on DVD so we don't have to worry about missing them when they are on TV. It's great to be able to watch whenever we want to. This year we also watched Disney's Prep & Landing, which was totally cute and gave us our new favorite quote: "This is soooo tinsel!"


Jan C. said...

My dh, who has been a bird lover since about 2d grade, absolutely hates squirrels because they eat all the bird food and scare the birds away. He used to actually tear out of the house and throw sticks at them when they would come and eat the suet block he had strapped to the tree outside our patio doors. Hilarious to watch. Eventually the tree had to come down, though, so Dennis is behaving himself. The neighbors have almost stopped thinking of him as "that insane guy who chases squirrels." :-)

Matthew said...

Fat Squirrel, now that's funny. At our house we have a handicapped bunny. The poor little thing has a leg that sticks off to the side and he must reside somewhere in or near our yard. Love the familiar little creatures.